Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall leaves and our preschooler

 1:Counting and shifting the pine cones from bamboo basket to bamboo tray.
 2:Gently pouring the pine cones to the basket .
 3:Both of the children were counting how many cones they collected on the tray .
 4:M said I have more pine cones .
5:F was excited to have the largest maple leaf in his hand .

Teachers comment:Beginning of September children were  exposing the caterpillar s,lady bugs and earth worm at our outdoor play area.Sometimes we brought them in our class room and provided   magnifying glasses to observe more about the bug and insects .This is fall in Canada-some of the trees leaves are turning yellow red and falling down .Children were observing and sometimes they want to pick it from the ground .We decided to collect some maple leaves and pine cones for our sensory table .We found multicolored leaves and various sizes pine cones and also Chinese lantern  to explore .It was fascinating for us to observe the way children were interacting with the natural objects.They were counting,pouring,sharing their ideas with each other and also with the teachers.They were curious about the different parts of the leaf and some of them were asking how the leaves changes their colors.Our little scientists were observing the leaves carefully and commented about their ideas  .lots of vocabulary they have been using while they were playing.They got the concept of big and small,hard and soft ,heavy and light ,it was amazing to notice how nature can be our great teacher.