Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Look at the shark !

I got a key shark .
I can squeeze my fish .. Oh no the blue shark will catch my fish .
I have the biggest whale and biggest blue shark .
    Look at my bubble

We have been learning about creations of Allah who created the ocean ?What kind of animals live in the water? How will they help us? Sensory play with water is fun and engaging for most of the preschool children .They share their ideas with their peers and they communicate and learn to explore more. Each child has a  different perspective of learning new things. Some of them were playing with other children more. Some wanted to investigate how the plastic fish were floating and why the rocks were not.They were sharing their thoughts to their peers and asking questions. Mashallah!

Writing skill

Tracing numbers with a group is fun for the most of children at Preschool.Children love to practice their writing with a pencil ,chalk or other writing material . 

Block play

     Look my train is going down !
    I am making a bridge ..
S and I were working together to set up the train on the track .
I made a circle with that train and said , I made a rainbow circle .