Friday, December 7, 2012

My Unique Style of Painting

 1:I am mixing both green and blue color to make an alphabet H.

 2:I am using a tooth brush for my painting!

 3:I decided to use two paint brushes together for my painting.

 4:I decided to make my rainbow with blue and green colours.

5:I made so many bubbles with my paint, also a big cloud.

My story: Easel and paint brushes with tempera paint are very popular to our preschool school. We encouraged the children to wear a smock by themselves and roll up their sleeves before they start their art activity. Children know how many children can join together and teachers make sure that everyone will take their turn.  We set the easel up with blue and green colour, regular paint brushes and tooth brushes.  Our goal was to introduce the children to different ways of using art material,  also we wanted them to explore the colour mixing activity.  M was so curious about how both the tooth brush and paint brush work as painting utensils.  He was experimenting with the tooth brush and observed what happened when he drew a line.
R was delighted to use both of the paint brushes together and surprised when he noticed that the paint become dark green when he mixed them together.
I was so amazed when A said,  "Sister Fatima, I am making a two colours rainbow."  Alhamdulillah, how creative our children are!  S was taking long time to make her dot with the paint brushes and I was curious what she was trying to make. I went to her and asked her to tell me about her picture.  She was delighted to answer me - I am making blue bubbles. I asked about the big blue drawing. She answered, "This is my cloud."  

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Newsletter

Sprouts of Iman Preschool
December Newsletter

Assalamualikum dear parents,

Thank you very much for attending with your child on our first field trip to the Richmond Public Library.  Insha’allah we will visit the Richmond Nature Park when we will have sunny weather, probably in May or June. I hope you all enjoyed the tour and activity in the Library with us.  I will appreciate you all if can manage you time to visit the library with your child Insha’allah.

Mashaallah, we have already completed three months of school.  The children are settle into the classroom, and the teachers are enjoying creating exciting learning environment for them.

Last month they were exploring insect and bugs, also learning about colours, shapes weathers, and Arabic and English alphabet. We are learning some new Islamic/English rhymes and dua which we are practicing in the classroom, Mashaallah.

Please provide a warm jacket and raincoat everyday with your child. Again, gentle reminder to send healthy food and water for the children snack.

School will be close

  • December 13, 2012 for Pro D day .
  • Winter Break will be from December 24th 2012 to January 4th Inshaallah.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the parents for your prayers and support when my house was burned. I have no word to express how much it was for my family the way you all gave your hand to us. You all will be in our prayers always. Juzakallahu Khairun!

4-12 –2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall leaves and our preschooler

 1:Counting and shifting the pine cones from bamboo basket to bamboo tray.
 2:Gently pouring the pine cones to the basket .
 3:Both of the children were counting how many cones they collected on the tray .
 4:M said I have more pine cones .
5:F was excited to have the largest maple leaf in his hand .

Teachers comment:Beginning of September children were  exposing the caterpillar s,lady bugs and earth worm at our outdoor play area.Sometimes we brought them in our class room and provided   magnifying glasses to observe more about the bug and insects .This is fall in Canada-some of the trees leaves are turning yellow red and falling down .Children were observing and sometimes they want to pick it from the ground .We decided to collect some maple leaves and pine cones for our sensory table .We found multicolored leaves and various sizes pine cones and also Chinese lantern  to explore .It was fascinating for us to observe the way children were interacting with the natural objects.They were counting,pouring,sharing their ideas with each other and also with the teachers.They were curious about the different parts of the leaf and some of them were asking how the leaves changes their colors.Our little scientists were observing the leaves carefully and commented about their ideas  .lots of vocabulary they have been using while they were playing.They got the concept of big and small,hard and soft ,heavy and light ,it was amazing to notice how nature can be our great teacher.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Value of Art for the Preschool

The Value of Art for the Preschool

By C. Seefeldt|B.A. Wasik
Art is basic. Of course, every subject area is important, but no program for young children could succeed without emphasizing art. Through making, looking at, and talking about their own artwork and the art of others, three-, four-, and five-year-old children are doing the following:
Expressing their feelings and emotions in a safe way. They learn to control their emotions and recognize that they can express and handle negative as well as joyous feelings through positive action.
  Practicing and gaining fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination. By holding paintbrushes and learning how to control paint, crayons, scissors, and other art tools, children gain the skills necessary for later writing activities as well as a feeling of control over themselves and their world.
Developing perceptual abilities. Awareness of colors, shapes, forms, lines, and textures result as children observe these and try to replicate them through art.
Being given the opportunity to make choices and solve problems. How do you get the legs to stick on a clay figure? What color should I use? Making art offers children a multitude of choices and many decisions to make.
Seeing that others have differing points of view and ways of expressing these than they do. Comparing children’s drawings, paintings, or models gives children concrete, dramatic examples of how different people express the same thing in different ways. While learning that their way is not the only way, they learn to value diversity (Strasser, 2001).
Becoming aware of the idea that, through art, culture is transmitted. Becoming acquainted with the art of the past, children are involved in learning something of their origins and themselves.
Experiencing success. Because art leaves the end open to the creator, all children experience a measure of success. This is why art activities are appropriate for children with special needs. Regardless of the physical or mental need of the child, there is some art media and activity through which he or she can experience success.
Making connections between the visual arts and other disciplines. Art integrates the curriculum. Content from every subject matter can find form through art.
Mathematics. Children become aware of different sizes, shapes, and parallel lines and use every mathematical concept as they discuss their art and the art of others.
Science. Paint changes texture as it dries, powdered paint and chalk dissolve in water, and chalk produces bubbles when dipped in water. Also, paints change color when they are mixed together. The physical sciences are ever present as children produce art.
Economics. This and other concepts from the social studies develop. Children become producers by making art and consumers by using the materials of art.
Language. Children learn to talk about their art and the art of others and develop the vocabulary of art.
Beginning reading. Children make and read symbols that represent reality.
Social skills. By sharing paints and paper, cooperating to create a group mural or other project, and assuming responsibility for cleaning up, children gain valuable social skills through making art.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farm Animals

 1:F called me and wanted to show me what he had done.

 2:H told me, "Look sister Fatima, I put all  the cows together".

 3:He was collecting and sorting the different animals.

 4:I was asking him how the hens got on the roof. He answered because they can fly, Mashaallah.

5:Finally he categorized all the farm animals in a different group.

My reflection:
 We introduced the children to farm animals and wild animals, and shared stories, songs, and activities about animal.  After that we set up the farm animal in one corner of our classroom. I was observing F after his art activity he joined to the farm animal corner. He was sitting there and sorting the animals carefully, he removed all the wild animals into one basket, then he dropped all the farm animals on the floor. Each time he was picking up one animal, he was wondering where to put. When he was putting the animal he was telling the name and size of the animal, big cow, small cow, etc. F took lots of time to sort and placed the animal onto different category. The teachers did not interrupt while he was playing. We wanted to observe what was his idea and how he wanted to place the animal. It was amazing the way he sorted and set all the farm animals into different group- which is an important skill for a young child to master.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Colour Experiment

Our Colour science experiment with the little scientists.

 We put yellow, blue and red in the test tube with a purple dropper .

 Each child had an opportunity to experiment with the colours.

 M was wondering what happened when blue and yellow mixed together?

 She was surprised when she noticed that the colour become green-she said,  "Oh it's green now!"

 T wanted to try an experiment to see what would happen if she mixed blue and red together.

The teacher was introducing the vocabulary for each container and explaining when and where we use test tubes and droppers.  She was also showing the preschoolers how to use the dropper.

This year most of our preschool children are around three years old. Everything is new and exciting for them. They are enthusiastic to learn about alphabet, shapes, animals, colour and about the beautiful nature from Allah. Those who are a bit older are very eager to share their knowledge with the group and expand on what they already know.

We are gradually trying to know each child's interests, and carefully creating the environment, so that they can learn about the beautiful world Allah the almighty gave to us, Mashaallah. When we were doing the colour mixing experiment children, were not only learning what happen when they mix red and blue or yellow or blue, they were also learning how to use the dropper. They learned the name of various containers and how we use them. We were teaching them important daily living skills, such as how to correctly clean up the table with the cloth when they spilled water on the table. This will give the the confident and responsibility to do something for themselves. When they were using the dropper it helped them to develop their fine motor skill and also their hand and eye coordination. Children were doing this activity with a group where they were taking turns, sharing the dropper, communication, and also helping each other mashaallah.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Newsletter

Assalamualaikum dear parents,

It is so amazing that this is already our second year and second month of Sprouts of Iman preschool. Mashaallah, most of the children are doing well with the schedule and their new journey of life. It is great to see that they are making connections with each other and are eager to learn about new things. 

Last month we were really focusing on introducing the preschool rules, such as hand washing rules, following the schedule, how to join in, and what to do at group time. We also introduced dua about what to say when you see a person, what to say before they eat etc.  We are still working on a few children to adjust to the preschool, and Juzaka'allahu Khairun parents for being very supportive and cooperative with us.

This month is the month of Hajj and Eid ul Adha, so we started to give information to our preschoolers about Hajj and Eid.  They have already seen some video visuals about Hajj, Kaba and dua Labbayek Allahum Labbayek-----Mashaallah.

  • Inshaallah we will celebrate our Eid party on October 29th 2012.

October School Closures

  • October 8th public holiday
  • Ocotober 19th Pro D day
  • October 25th and 26th –depend on BCMA announcement. about Eid UL ADHA.

  • Please provide weather appropriate clothing.  Sometimes it is very cold when we go outside, also rain is uncertain in the Vancouver area.
  • Our school is peanut free and I will appreciate if you avoid junk food for your child.
  • I have already posted volunteer schedule time sheet.  If you want to help us, please fill it out.
  • I will post a list of items that we need on the parent board.   If you like to donate, we would really appreciate anything you can provide.

Juzaka'allahu khairun & have a wonderful Eid with your family.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Learning happens for the preschool children when we create the environment for them. We have some students from last year and some brand new students who just started the school. We were careful  to ensure all children in our classroom felt included. 

Both the pre-K and three year old children were enjoying the lacing activity, no matter if they know the alphabet yet or not.  They were excited to make a necklace.
When we provided word puzzles, it was fun for the older children and younger ones too.  

They were learning the alphabet, colours and some of them just enjoyed the sorting activity.  Wring is an adventure for the preschoolers, especially when they have a job to copy something.  They will take the challenge, they do not care whether it was perfect or not. They just like to keep going -so we have a little table with some paper and pencils, and children can use it any time. When they were doing the alphabet collage, they were very creative to make something -some of them made caterpillars, some of them choo choo trains. The teacher was carefully telling the alphabet names when they were picking them.

Lacing with the alphabet is not only teaching the children all the letters, but also developing their fine motor skills.  Children were carefully inserting the string inside the letter's hole, and at the same time they were telling the name of the letter with the help of the teacher if needed.
Children were doing the puzzles with all the wooden letters.  Most of them were very enthusiastic to learn the alphabet and solve the puzzles.
Some of the children were practicing their writing, such as mastering their skill to hold the pencil correctly, and how to make a line or draw a circle to copy some alphabet letters.
Art is also a fun activity for the children. They explored working with various colouful foam alphabet pieces.
It was amazing to observe how hard working our preschool children are.  They were engaged, passionate and eager to learn how to write the A B Cs. I was so excited to observe that they actually were able to copy some of the alphabet successfully. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newsletter September 2012

Dear Parents Assalamualaikum , Welcome to all who are new to sprouts of Iman preschool this year and welcome back to returning children and families. It has been wonderful to see you at parent orientation. We are enthusiastic to greet your children, to work and play with them each day and to be partners with you in their growth and development. It is important that these first years of school for your child are stimulating and happy. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you might have so that we may know your child better and work with him/her more effectively. I especially want to assure families that phone calls and email are always welcomed. Few things about clothing your children: The first is that children who are recently toilet trained needs to have easy clothing they can take down easily by themselves when they go to the washroom. We are encouraging children to put jackets or shoes on by themselves, it helps them build their self-esteem. Secondly, a reminder about shoes. Please send your child in shoes that firmly stay on and allow them to run, climb, and riding. Thirdly please provide raincoat in the bag according to the weather. We already mentioned in parent handbook about providing healthy snacks and for drinks only water. This week we will focus to introduce our schedule, hand washing rules and help the children to make connection with each other. Inshallah from second week we will focus on the curriculum following the children interest . We will appreciate your donation for our preschool. Jak Sister Fatima

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day Party & June Newsletter

Assalamualikum Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that this is our last newsletter of the year. Our first year of preschool is ending and some of our preschoolers will be off to kindergarten in the fall.

We thank you greatly for assigning your child to us this year.  We have truly enjoyed working with all of the children in our preschool and have seen growth, development and skill attainment in all of the children, masha’allah.

We are very proud to announce that some of our preschoolers will be graduating from Sprouts of Iman Preschool inshAllah. We will expect their prosperous and meaningful journey for their future will be full of blessings and success. Obviously, we will dearly miss them in the coming year. Most of them started with us in September, the beginning of the preschool and they made a very special place in our heart.

The last day of preschool will be Thursday, June 21st 2012 from 10:00am-12:00pm; we will have all classes together with all the parents.  All Sprouts of Iman Students and their parents will attend this day and time.  There will be no regular class during this special party day.

For the Last Day Party we will have potluck Inshaallah, I will provide  “potluck sign up sheet “ on the bulletin board and request all the parents to choose an item to bring, so that we can decide what kind of food we will bring for the party. This time we expect all the parents at preschool from 10.a.m. to 12 p.m with their children. We will have lots of fun and interesting activities with our preschool children as well. We thank you for all your support throughout the year. We feel a close partnership with our parents and send you our best wishes.

Please make note of this special event coming up.  The end of the preschool year is very special, whether it means coming to the end-of-year celebration or attending graduation.  Insha’allah we wish to see all children and parents for this last day event.  May ALLAH bless you all and your families.

Thank you
Sister Fatima

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby is sick

 1:I set up the table with a doctor set and a doll to encourage the children for their science and social play.
 2:"k" picked up the doll from the table and said,'oh no baby is so red and hot -he need to drink some water ."He was checking the temperature of the baby as well."
 3:"J "joined with k with a tweezers  -and said"I think something stuck in his mouth ,he need help."
 4:Both of them were pretending that ,they were helping the baby to be cure ."
 5:"K " said ,"now the baby is ok he needs to drink some orange juice."
6:"R" joined with them with her little doll and said,Little baby girl come here to see the baby."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let Them Explore

1: J was naming all the dolls--She was calling them her preschool friends names.

 2:Big doll is the teacher and small one is J.

 3:J gently held the teacher doll-Carefully  helped other dolls to sit and announced, "It's group time -sit down kriss cross apple sauce"

 4:She started to sing, "open shut them------Give a little clap--".

5: Another girl 'm' decided to join with J and she said, "This is princess-she is your new student".

Reflection: Dolls with the doll house is a very popular activity for our preschool children. I love to set up  the table with soft and bright color mats, so that it will be appealing for the children. Also I provide space for at least five to six children for their activity. When I was planning this activity- I  was curious, what will be their ideas-will they play princess game or Mummy, sister? When J came to the preschool, she was so excited to observe all the dolls and doll  house on the table. After washing her hands, she sat there and picked all the dolls from the bamboo tray, to my surprise, she said,  "This is teacher", Holding the big doll and the others she was telling her friend's name. Two girls together were taking their role as a teacher and student -Both of them were telling stories, singing songs and sometimes guiding as well. It was amazing to observe how engaged, playful and expressive they were when they have the opportunity to explore with the warm environment. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

block play

 E is observing carefully that the bear is sitting on the rectangle block.
 E likes to add the bear on the block .

 When he have finished he decided to put the triangle wooden block .
He carefully placed the triangle besides the bear.
My reflection 
 E always  likes to observe other children activity  before he will join to his own activity at the preschool .Yesterday when he came to the school ,at first  he was focusing on his art .When he finished his texture collage then, he was very curious about block construction .M was building something with the various shapes block .Mashaallah we are so lucky to have a such a nice block unit in our preschool .E  was observing him carefully ,when M moved to the dramatic play area , E joined to the block area.He sat down in front of the block unit and then he started to build something with the block.At the beginning he decided to add the half circle shape wooden block and then gradually he was adding various shapes and sizes wooden block for his construction .It was amazing for us to watch his perseverance-every time the tower was broken he started to build it again .He added a bear on the block and said bear .He was looking at the bear for few second and he put triangle wooden block beside the bear.Another thing was so surprising for me to observe that E knows that after triangle shape he will not be able to put another block on the triangle .He was engaged with this activity for longer time and we did not distract him for our transition.We waited until he finished his activity . 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Assalamu Alaikum,


Last month we have been focusing on planting and some science experiment with our preschooler .We have planted some flowers seed outside and children are enjoying to see them growing. Following their interest we have started more dramatic activity for our children .We also started practicing Surah Nas .

We like to thank to all the respectful parents for contributing the delicious dishes and your valuable times to attend our preschool spring potluck .I hope you all enjoyed your time meeting with other parents, teachers and children .I will email some pictures of the potluck to all the parents Inshallah.

Upcoming closure:
Statutory holiday is on May 21st, 2012 Victoria day.

Registration Reminder:
Please submit your registration/Re-registration   form for September 2012/13.As we have limited space available, it will be first come first served basis.

We like to welcome our two new children Reyhan Abu Maloug morning and Sumaya bukuk (Maryam’s sister) after noon classes.

Please put sunscreen on children’s uncovered area to protect them from UV ray.

Gentle reminder:
We have to go outside everyday; this is a government licensing regulation, except in extreme weather conditions. Please provide children clothing according to the weather condition.  Rain coat & rain boats are needed.  

Wish list:
Extra raincoat, boot
Spare clothes
Old magazines
Baby food jars
Art and craft item
Old suitcase

Thank you,
Sprouts of Iman Preschool

Thursday, April 19, 2012


1: Children were observing the chemical reaction. What happens if you put baking soda and vinegar?

2:They were very careful not to drop the vinegar outside the container.

3:We encouraged all children to participate with the activity.

4:Every body can take their turn, Alhamdulillah most of the children were waiting patiently for their turn.

Playing with the sand is always fun for the preschool children. They love to create various things when they play with the sand, such as cake, mountain, sand castle, etc. Last week we have been observing that some of our preschooler were making volcanoes with the sand. Following their interest, we wanted to make little science experiments with them at outdoor time . We opened the sand pad and invited children to join with this activity. They were making a hole and teachers helped them to insert a container inside the sand. After that all of the children had chances to pour baking soda and vinegar in the hole. They were surprised and excited to observe the exploration of the chemical reaction. We explained about lava, volcano and what happens to the earth when volcano happened.

B.C EARLY LEARNING FRAME WORK : Actively explore, think and reason: We have been observing that children were making volcanoes with the sand, we thought this can be the best opportunity to teach more information about volcanoes and add a science exploration, while they were also playing with the sand. We provided vinegar and baking soda for their experiment. They already know some things about volcanoes, so when they had chances to experiment with something they were interested in they felt valued and respectful.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Dear parents

Thank you so much for all the donations and wish list items. Your contributions for our preschool are priceless and for that we are graceful.

No school on April 6 and 9 for the long weekend. Also April 12th –there will be no classes due to B.C MUSLIM PRO-D- day and Parents teacher conference. Sign in sheet available on the parent’s notice board.  Please sign up for your appointment.

Planting adventure-
We were so excited and curious about our planting experiment with our preschooler. We have been planting together and also learning new concepts and vocabulary such as seeds, roots, stem, soil, etc. We have also been practicing KALEMA SHADAT AND SURAH Al IKHLAS.

Please submit your registration/Re-registration   form for September 2012.

Wish list:

Preschool manger 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pro-D Day & Parent-Teacher Conferences

Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

There will be NO PRESCHOOL CLASS on Thrusday April 12th due to the BC Muslim School Pro-D Day and Parent-Teacher Conferences

 If you would like a meeting, please sign up for parent-teacher conferences on the parent board. Additionally you may make an appointment for another day.

Juzaka'allahu Khairun