Thursday, April 19, 2012


1: Children were observing the chemical reaction. What happens if you put baking soda and vinegar?

2:They were very careful not to drop the vinegar outside the container.

3:We encouraged all children to participate with the activity.

4:Every body can take their turn, Alhamdulillah most of the children were waiting patiently for their turn.

Playing with the sand is always fun for the preschool children. They love to create various things when they play with the sand, such as cake, mountain, sand castle, etc. Last week we have been observing that some of our preschooler were making volcanoes with the sand. Following their interest, we wanted to make little science experiments with them at outdoor time . We opened the sand pad and invited children to join with this activity. They were making a hole and teachers helped them to insert a container inside the sand. After that all of the children had chances to pour baking soda and vinegar in the hole. They were surprised and excited to observe the exploration of the chemical reaction. We explained about lava, volcano and what happens to the earth when volcano happened.

B.C EARLY LEARNING FRAME WORK : Actively explore, think and reason: We have been observing that children were making volcanoes with the sand, we thought this can be the best opportunity to teach more information about volcanoes and add a science exploration, while they were also playing with the sand. We provided vinegar and baking soda for their experiment. They already know some things about volcanoes, so when they had chances to experiment with something they were interested in they felt valued and respectful.

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