Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Many Ways To Play With My Blocks

                                                     I am making a building for my dad.
                                           I am making a city
                                           My animal house.
       M just started his preschool this week--he was enjoying stacking the wooden blocks, Mashallah!
                                           I made a boat --

My reflection:
Few new students joined with us this week -so I wanted to keep my classroom activities with simple and open ended materials for both older and new children to explore, communicate, and interact with each other.Today I found out children were more interested to engage with all the wooden blocks.  At the beginning, all of them started to work individually.  I was observing M, he was the youngest one in my class. He was observing carefully what other children were doing and gradually he started to pick up large wooden blocks from the block unit. I was amazed to see the way he stacked each block on the other blocks. He was holding it gently and putting it so that it would not fall on the floor. E told me, "Teacher look at my boat-it is ready to sail now." Z stopped playing at the dramatic play area, joined with E and both of them pushed the wooden boat for sailing. Z decided to add some animals in his creation. Mashallah! I was surprised and amazed to see their unique style of playing with the blocks and it was such nice team work like adults.They were communicating,sharing, and waiting to take turns .