Thursday, January 16, 2014

Money and Math

 1:Children were learning about Canadian Currency .

 2:They were counting how much they had and sharing their thoughts to with each other.

 3:I added paper money with the coins.

 4:They were planning what they would buy with their money.

 5:Some of them were already familiar with the terms - Dime-Tooney-Looney.

6:One child said he wants to be a Banker.

I wanted to provide something interesting for the children's math activity.We had been focusing on using shapes puzzles, colour sorting , and shapes with various objects from September until now. When I set up my little classroom corner with Canadian currency, I was joy-filled to observed the children enthusiastically interacting with each other and with the money.They decided to move the money to the dramatic play area where we had a grocery store and cash box.They were selling the veggie and coffee -and taking turns to use the cash box.