Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby is sick

 1:I set up the table with a doctor set and a doll to encourage the children for their science and social play.
 2:"k" picked up the doll from the table and said,'oh no baby is so red and hot -he need to drink some water ."He was checking the temperature of the baby as well."
 3:"J "joined with k with a tweezers  -and said"I think something stuck in his mouth ,he need help."
 4:Both of them were pretending that ,they were helping the baby to be cure ."
 5:"K " said ,"now the baby is ok he needs to drink some orange juice."
6:"R" joined with them with her little doll and said,Little baby girl come here to see the baby."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let Them Explore

1: J was naming all the dolls--She was calling them her preschool friends names.

 2:Big doll is the teacher and small one is J.

 3:J gently held the teacher doll-Carefully  helped other dolls to sit and announced, "It's group time -sit down kriss cross apple sauce"

 4:She started to sing, "open shut them------Give a little clap--".

5: Another girl 'm' decided to join with J and she said, "This is princess-she is your new student".

Reflection: Dolls with the doll house is a very popular activity for our preschool children. I love to set up  the table with soft and bright color mats, so that it will be appealing for the children. Also I provide space for at least five to six children for their activity. When I was planning this activity- I  was curious, what will be their ideas-will they play princess game or Mummy, sister? When J came to the preschool, she was so excited to observe all the dolls and doll  house on the table. After washing her hands, she sat there and picked all the dolls from the bamboo tray, to my surprise, she said,  "This is teacher", Holding the big doll and the others she was telling her friend's name. Two girls together were taking their role as a teacher and student -Both of them were telling stories, singing songs and sometimes guiding as well. It was amazing to observe how engaged, playful and expressive they were when they have the opportunity to explore with the warm environment. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

block play

 E is observing carefully that the bear is sitting on the rectangle block.
 E likes to add the bear on the block .

 When he have finished he decided to put the triangle wooden block .
He carefully placed the triangle besides the bear.
My reflection 
 E always  likes to observe other children activity  before he will join to his own activity at the preschool .Yesterday when he came to the school ,at first  he was focusing on his art .When he finished his texture collage then, he was very curious about block construction .M was building something with the various shapes block .Mashaallah we are so lucky to have a such a nice block unit in our preschool .E  was observing him carefully ,when M moved to the dramatic play area , E joined to the block area.He sat down in front of the block unit and then he started to build something with the block.At the beginning he decided to add the half circle shape wooden block and then gradually he was adding various shapes and sizes wooden block for his construction .It was amazing for us to watch his perseverance-every time the tower was broken he started to build it again .He added a bear on the block and said bear .He was looking at the bear for few second and he put triangle wooden block beside the bear.Another thing was so surprising for me to observe that E knows that after triangle shape he will not be able to put another block on the triangle .He was engaged with this activity for longer time and we did not distract him for our transition.We waited until he finished his activity . 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Assalamu Alaikum,


Last month we have been focusing on planting and some science experiment with our preschooler .We have planted some flowers seed outside and children are enjoying to see them growing. Following their interest we have started more dramatic activity for our children .We also started practicing Surah Nas .

We like to thank to all the respectful parents for contributing the delicious dishes and your valuable times to attend our preschool spring potluck .I hope you all enjoyed your time meeting with other parents, teachers and children .I will email some pictures of the potluck to all the parents Inshallah.

Upcoming closure:
Statutory holiday is on May 21st, 2012 Victoria day.

Registration Reminder:
Please submit your registration/Re-registration   form for September 2012/13.As we have limited space available, it will be first come first served basis.

We like to welcome our two new children Reyhan Abu Maloug morning and Sumaya bukuk (Maryam’s sister) after noon classes.

Please put sunscreen on children’s uncovered area to protect them from UV ray.

Gentle reminder:
We have to go outside everyday; this is a government licensing regulation, except in extreme weather conditions. Please provide children clothing according to the weather condition.  Rain coat & rain boats are needed.  

Wish list:
Extra raincoat, boot
Spare clothes
Old magazines
Baby food jars
Art and craft item
Old suitcase

Thank you,
Sprouts of Iman Preschool