Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let Them Explore

1: J was naming all the dolls--She was calling them her preschool friends names.

 2:Big doll is the teacher and small one is J.

 3:J gently held the teacher doll-Carefully  helped other dolls to sit and announced, "It's group time -sit down kriss cross apple sauce"

 4:She started to sing, "open shut them------Give a little clap--".

5: Another girl 'm' decided to join with J and she said, "This is princess-she is your new student".

Reflection: Dolls with the doll house is a very popular activity for our preschool children. I love to set up  the table with soft and bright color mats, so that it will be appealing for the children. Also I provide space for at least five to six children for their activity. When I was planning this activity- I  was curious, what will be their ideas-will they play princess game or Mummy, sister? When J came to the preschool, she was so excited to observe all the dolls and doll  house on the table. After washing her hands, she sat there and picked all the dolls from the bamboo tray, to my surprise, she said,  "This is teacher", Holding the big doll and the others she was telling her friend's name. Two girls together were taking their role as a teacher and student -Both of them were telling stories, singing songs and sometimes guiding as well. It was amazing to observe how engaged, playful and expressive they were when they have the opportunity to explore with the warm environment. 

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