Monday, November 9, 2015

Sinking and Floating

Children were experimenting on which one will float ?

They was one small rock in the water .Then one popsicle stick .

S said-wow rock is sinking !

We were outside for outdoor playing --It was a rainy day, children were throwing small pebbles in the water and were curious  about how they were sinking  .I was asking them on why all the pebbles went down ?S said ,"may be too heavy ".Following their interest I decided to provide this activity inside the class room to experiment and to compare .
I was amazed to observe that two girls were really curious and wanted to experiment more about what can float on the water .They were collecting few materials and were trying to see which one was floating and which one was sinking .They wanted to know if the big one were to sink or for the small to sink.Finally they figured out that only the heavy ones were sinking .We made a list in the class and they were very interested to find out more materials which were floating. Mashallah!.