Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Light Upon Light


Sahih International- translation of the meaning
Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things. - Surat An-Nur (The Light) 24:35

Patterns on the light table

Exploring properties of light

Monday, February 25, 2013

Exploring Light

Today we introduce the children to the 'light table'. They were extremely excited to learn about this new item. We asked questions to encourage the children to think about what this 'box' could do. Before turning it on, we explained about safety and being responsible, as it requires electricity to work.

All of the children wanted to take a turn with this activity. We set limits on the number of children able to use this activity at one time, and we talked about having subr/patience while waiting our turns. Mashallah, the children showed their ability to have subr!

We added gems to the light box and discussed properties of light. They were heavily engaged in this activity and we allowed them time to explore before the next group of children took their turn.

Inshallah, we will extend this activity for as long at it holds their interest by adding different material for them to explore.

As educators at a community preschool, we often have to make teacher-made material to enhance the curriculum in order to stay within tight budget restrictions. We used several do-it-yourself light table tutorials to come up with our own workable design. We used an ikea box, white 'Eid' lights, a shiny gift bag, waxed paper and duct tape.

If you want to try this at home, so you can enjoy the fun learning and exploration with your child, here are some step-by-step tutorials,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Group Projects

We are working on Group Projects that have more than one step- and take more than one class to complete. Our goals are to build cognitive understanding of project sequences, team-work, cooperation, problem solving skills and creativity- also motor skills, but that is a positive 'side-effect' of our activities.

The children are delighted to work on a project for their outdoor space. Stay tuned to see the finished project once it inshallah is hanging in our outdoor space.

They are also working on a mural, but this is more about the PROCESS than the product, as this activity if full of learning that may not be as evident in the product- understanding shapes and attempting to cut them out (a challenge for young children), sharing work space, following a sequence, creativity, scissor skills, gluing, working with different material, and so on...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Printable Dua's

Printable Dua's - Post them around the home to help yourself and your children memorize them. The more you say them out-loud, the more opportunity your little ones will have to put them to memory! A 'print rich environment' also helps children learn 
pre-reading skills (and later, reading skills) and appreciate language.

Here is a great Hisnul Muslim app with all the dua's,



Saturday, February 9, 2013