Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Day of Sprouts of Iman Preschool

 First day of my afternoon class.I was introducing the felt pen and also reminding the children to close every lid after use. I asked them what they think will happen if we do not close the lid. Mashaallah, they were able to use their critical thinking skills and their past experience to answered that the ink will be dry. I Set the table with various felt pens and I wanted to know about what children already know and also their skill levels.They were engaged ,creative and most of them started to talk about their drawings.

 A said,  "I am making a school bus". He wanted to draw the bus station too.

 S said,  "This is my teacher". She was drawing my pet as well--I am lucky to have an imaginary pet from my student.

 Z started his second year with us-Mashallah, he became more creative and descriptive .

T was making all the circles with her red pen and also decided to add blue -I asked her -tell me about your picture -she answered--I am making a necklace for you.

It was time to explore-about the colours, shapes and their imagination, and for me as a teacher to observe and learn from them - to be able to provide more learning opportunity for their specific developmental levels.
May Allah give the children all the opportunity to be good Muslims and strong learners.