Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Exploring Bugs

Teachers Reflection
October was not very cold to explore outside-we were lucky to have chances to explore Caterpillars, lady bugs, earth worms, Bee, etc. Children were curious and excited to observe them. Sometimes we collected lady bugs and caterpillars in your bug jars and brought them back to our class room  .Children were looking at them –they wanted to know what they eat-where do they live –how they walk-it is a huge topic  to cover. It was my challenge to study about bugs-collect books from the library and share many stories about them-we read Hungry caterpillar ,Grouchy lady bugs, The old lady who swallowed fly—who created all the bugs? How can we be kind with them .This week I set up my science table with many kinds of bugs. Children were exploring, creative and investing how many wing they have, eyes and colors? So many questions to answer –we extended this activity to our art table as well. Inshallah I will share it to my next blog.