Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Learning happens for the preschool children when we create the environment for them. We have some students from last year and some brand new students who just started the school. We were careful  to ensure all children in our classroom felt included. 

Both the pre-K and three year old children were enjoying the lacing activity, no matter if they know the alphabet yet or not.  They were excited to make a necklace.
When we provided word puzzles, it was fun for the older children and younger ones too.  

They were learning the alphabet, colours and some of them just enjoyed the sorting activity.  Wring is an adventure for the preschoolers, especially when they have a job to copy something.  They will take the challenge, they do not care whether it was perfect or not. They just like to keep going -so we have a little table with some paper and pencils, and children can use it any time. When they were doing the alphabet collage, they were very creative to make something -some of them made caterpillars, some of them choo choo trains. The teacher was carefully telling the alphabet names when they were picking them.

Lacing with the alphabet is not only teaching the children all the letters, but also developing their fine motor skills.  Children were carefully inserting the string inside the letter's hole, and at the same time they were telling the name of the letter with the help of the teacher if needed.
Children were doing the puzzles with all the wooden letters.  Most of them were very enthusiastic to learn the alphabet and solve the puzzles.
Some of the children were practicing their writing, such as mastering their skill to hold the pencil correctly, and how to make a line or draw a circle to copy some alphabet letters.
Art is also a fun activity for the children. They explored working with various colouful foam alphabet pieces.
It was amazing to observe how hard working our preschool children are.  They were engaged, passionate and eager to learn how to write the A B Cs. I was so excited to observe that they actually were able to copy some of the alphabet successfully. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newsletter September 2012

Dear Parents Assalamualaikum , Welcome to all who are new to sprouts of Iman preschool this year and welcome back to returning children and families. It has been wonderful to see you at parent orientation. We are enthusiastic to greet your children, to work and play with them each day and to be partners with you in their growth and development. It is important that these first years of school for your child are stimulating and happy. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you might have so that we may know your child better and work with him/her more effectively. I especially want to assure families that phone calls and email are always welcomed. Few things about clothing your children: The first is that children who are recently toilet trained needs to have easy clothing they can take down easily by themselves when they go to the washroom. We are encouraging children to put jackets or shoes on by themselves, it helps them build their self-esteem. Secondly, a reminder about shoes. Please send your child in shoes that firmly stay on and allow them to run, climb, and riding. Thirdly please provide raincoat in the bag according to the weather. We already mentioned in parent handbook about providing healthy snacks and for drinks only water. This week we will focus to introduce our schedule, hand washing rules and help the children to make connection with each other. Inshallah from second week we will focus on the curriculum following the children interest . We will appreciate your donation for our preschool. Jak Sister Fatima