Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Bath

1: Helping each other and taking turns.

 2: Mashaallah, it was amazing to observe the way children were waiting to take turns.

 3:R said, "Oh no, I have to hold the baby then you will pour water."
 4: M said, "Baby need to shampoo his hair-I can rub his hair."

5:F said,  "I have an ice cream."

Today we had a beautiful sunny day. Vancouver's temperature was almost 14 degree.  Children started to use their summer jackets and our heating was off at last. Yesterday when we were outside the children were very interested in the water while I was using the hose to water our outdoor garden.  I thought it will be fun for them if I will fill my indoor sensory table with water and sponges. Children love to play with water!  One of the child brought the doll from the dramatic play area, following him another girl added another doll and they both decided to help the dolls have a bath. I was do delighted to observe their team work, the way they were taking turns and helping each other. I added some liquid soap and more sponges, so that everyone can have something to be engaged with.