Registration for the 2013/14 school year is now open.

3 yrs to 5 yrs  Preschool Programs Days & Times:

2 days - $125/m
3 days - $175/m
4 days - $240/m
5 days - $300/m
Morning Class 9:00am-11:30am


Afternoon Class  12:30pm-3:00pm


Childcare Licensing Regulations state that
*Preschool (30 Months to School Age), being a program that provides care to preschool  children who are at least:
   (i)  30 months old on entrance to the program, and
   (ii)  36 months old by December 31 of the year of entrance;

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Sprouts of Iman Preschool: Setting the stage for a strong Islamic identity in a nurturing, emergent, hands-on classroom.  We provide a complete Kindergarten Readiness Program.

Located in a spacious classroom inside the BC Muslim School in Richmond, BC, Sprouts of Iman Preschool is waiting for your child to come learn, explore, investigate, discover and socialize.  Sprouts of Iman Islamic based curriculum framework is carefully designed around your child's interests, following the latest research into child growth and development.   

Children are immersed in the richness of Islamic values and traditions, while exploring new concepts and experiences to move their development towards kindergarten readiness and beyond. Daily physical activities are incorporated to build gross motors skills and an understanding of health and safety. Arts are used as a language for learning and self-expression, enabling children to develop a positive self-concept, strengthen fine motor skills and foster creativity.  Math, science and literacy are integrated into age/developmentally appropriate hands-on programs, building important cognitive skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and emergent literacy.

Program Highlights:
  • Licensed Preschool Program
  • Qualified Licensed Early Childhood Educators
  • Bright, safe, clean, nurturing environment
  • Modern, self-contained classroom, designed especially for preschool
  • Designated preschool outdoor play area
  • Engaging Islamic emergent/play based curriculum
  • 2,3, 4 or 5 day programs (morning OR afternoon)
  • Parent suggestions and participation welcomed
  • Government subsidy accepted
For the safety of children with allergies: No peanuts or tree nuts in the classroom please.  

Sprouts of Iman Teachers Believe: 

*Our preschool is dedicated to providing a program that focuses on the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, language and spiritual development of your children. Our philosophy is that children learn best through play. We believe that your children’s growing capacity for kindness and compassion, creativity and critical thinking skills are the foundation for our future generation.

*Our Early Childhood Educators facilitate and enrich each child’s activities, thus learning is continually developed and extended. The children experience the joy of discovery based learning as they explore our enriched environment. Our Early Childhood Educators also strive to build a nurturing attachment with the children, so that each feels valued and loved.

Preschool child/teacher ration per class is maximum 10:1
Maximum class size as per government licensing is 20 children.