Friday, May 4, 2012


Assalamu Alaikum,


Last month we have been focusing on planting and some science experiment with our preschooler .We have planted some flowers seed outside and children are enjoying to see them growing. Following their interest we have started more dramatic activity for our children .We also started practicing Surah Nas .

We like to thank to all the respectful parents for contributing the delicious dishes and your valuable times to attend our preschool spring potluck .I hope you all enjoyed your time meeting with other parents, teachers and children .I will email some pictures of the potluck to all the parents Inshallah.

Upcoming closure:
Statutory holiday is on May 21st, 2012 Victoria day.

Registration Reminder:
Please submit your registration/Re-registration   form for September 2012/13.As we have limited space available, it will be first come first served basis.

We like to welcome our two new children Reyhan Abu Maloug morning and Sumaya bukuk (Maryam’s sister) after noon classes.

Please put sunscreen on children’s uncovered area to protect them from UV ray.

Gentle reminder:
We have to go outside everyday; this is a government licensing regulation, except in extreme weather conditions. Please provide children clothing according to the weather condition.  Rain coat & rain boats are needed.  

Wish list:
Extra raincoat, boot
Spare clothes
Old magazines
Baby food jars
Art and craft item
Old suitcase

Thank you,
Sprouts of Iman Preschool

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  1. salaam alaikum!!first,thanks for the great info,,second, sorry for not coming , for we were busy moving , however; i will be there on the next one inshaAllah. jazak Allah khiier all of you guys.

    um Abdulrahman