Friday, May 11, 2012

block play

 E is observing carefully that the bear is sitting on the rectangle block.
 E likes to add the bear on the block .

 When he have finished he decided to put the triangle wooden block .
He carefully placed the triangle besides the bear.
My reflection 
 E always  likes to observe other children activity  before he will join to his own activity at the preschool .Yesterday when he came to the school ,at first  he was focusing on his art .When he finished his texture collage then, he was very curious about block construction .M was building something with the various shapes block .Mashaallah we are so lucky to have a such a nice block unit in our preschool .E  was observing him carefully ,when M moved to the dramatic play area , E joined to the block area.He sat down in front of the block unit and then he started to build something with the block.At the beginning he decided to add the half circle shape wooden block and then gradually he was adding various shapes and sizes wooden block for his construction .It was amazing for us to watch his perseverance-every time the tower was broken he started to build it again .He added a bear on the block and said bear .He was looking at the bear for few second and he put triangle wooden block beside the bear.Another thing was so surprising for me to observe that E knows that after triangle shape he will not be able to put another block on the triangle .He was engaged with this activity for longer time and we did not distract him for our transition.We waited until he finished his activity . 

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