Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farm Animals

 1:F called me and wanted to show me what he had done.

 2:H told me, "Look sister Fatima, I put all  the cows together".

 3:He was collecting and sorting the different animals.

 4:I was asking him how the hens got on the roof. He answered because they can fly, Mashaallah.

5:Finally he categorized all the farm animals in a different group.

My reflection:
 We introduced the children to farm animals and wild animals, and shared stories, songs, and activities about animal.  After that we set up the farm animal in one corner of our classroom. I was observing F after his art activity he joined to the farm animal corner. He was sitting there and sorting the animals carefully, he removed all the wild animals into one basket, then he dropped all the farm animals on the floor. Each time he was picking up one animal, he was wondering where to put. When he was putting the animal he was telling the name and size of the animal, big cow, small cow, etc. F took lots of time to sort and placed the animal onto different category. The teachers did not interrupt while he was playing. We wanted to observe what was his idea and how he wanted to place the animal. It was amazing the way he sorted and set all the farm animals into different group- which is an important skill for a young child to master.

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