Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Newsletter

Assalamualaikum dear parents,

It is so amazing that this is already our second year and second month of Sprouts of Iman preschool. Mashaallah, most of the children are doing well with the schedule and their new journey of life. It is great to see that they are making connections with each other and are eager to learn about new things. 

Last month we were really focusing on introducing the preschool rules, such as hand washing rules, following the schedule, how to join in, and what to do at group time. We also introduced dua about what to say when you see a person, what to say before they eat etc.  We are still working on a few children to adjust to the preschool, and Juzaka'allahu Khairun parents for being very supportive and cooperative with us.

This month is the month of Hajj and Eid ul Adha, so we started to give information to our preschoolers about Hajj and Eid.  They have already seen some video visuals about Hajj, Kaba and dua Labbayek Allahum Labbayek-----Mashaallah.

  • Inshaallah we will celebrate our Eid party on October 29th 2012.

October School Closures

  • October 8th public holiday
  • Ocotober 19th Pro D day
  • October 25th and 26th –depend on BCMA announcement. about Eid UL ADHA.

  • Please provide weather appropriate clothing.  Sometimes it is very cold when we go outside, also rain is uncertain in the Vancouver area.
  • Our school is peanut free and I will appreciate if you avoid junk food for your child.
  • I have already posted volunteer schedule time sheet.  If you want to help us, please fill it out.
  • I will post a list of items that we need on the parent board.   If you like to donate, we would really appreciate anything you can provide.

Juzaka'allahu khairun & have a wonderful Eid with your family.

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