Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Colour Experiment

Our Colour science experiment with the little scientists.

 We put yellow, blue and red in the test tube with a purple dropper .

 Each child had an opportunity to experiment with the colours.

 M was wondering what happened when blue and yellow mixed together?

 She was surprised when she noticed that the colour become green-she said,  "Oh it's green now!"

 T wanted to try an experiment to see what would happen if she mixed blue and red together.

The teacher was introducing the vocabulary for each container and explaining when and where we use test tubes and droppers.  She was also showing the preschoolers how to use the dropper.

This year most of our preschool children are around three years old. Everything is new and exciting for them. They are enthusiastic to learn about alphabet, shapes, animals, colour and about the beautiful nature from Allah. Those who are a bit older are very eager to share their knowledge with the group and expand on what they already know.

We are gradually trying to know each child's interests, and carefully creating the environment, so that they can learn about the beautiful world Allah the almighty gave to us, Mashaallah. When we were doing the colour mixing experiment children, were not only learning what happen when they mix red and blue or yellow or blue, they were also learning how to use the dropper. They learned the name of various containers and how we use them. We were teaching them important daily living skills, such as how to correctly clean up the table with the cloth when they spilled water on the table. This will give the the confident and responsibility to do something for themselves. When they were using the dropper it helped them to develop their fine motor skill and also their hand and eye coordination. Children were doing this activity with a group where they were taking turns, sharing the dropper, communication, and also helping each other mashaallah.

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