Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Newsletter

Sprouts of Iman Preschool
December Newsletter

Assalamualikum dear parents,

Thank you very much for attending with your child on our first field trip to the Richmond Public Library.  Insha’allah we will visit the Richmond Nature Park when we will have sunny weather, probably in May or June. I hope you all enjoyed the tour and activity in the Library with us.  I will appreciate you all if can manage you time to visit the library with your child Insha’allah.

Mashaallah, we have already completed three months of school.  The children are settle into the classroom, and the teachers are enjoying creating exciting learning environment for them.

Last month they were exploring insect and bugs, also learning about colours, shapes weathers, and Arabic and English alphabet. We are learning some new Islamic/English rhymes and dua which we are practicing in the classroom, Mashaallah.

Please provide a warm jacket and raincoat everyday with your child. Again, gentle reminder to send healthy food and water for the children snack.

School will be close

  • December 13, 2012 for Pro D day .
  • Winter Break will be from December 24th 2012 to January 4th Inshaallah.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the parents for your prayers and support when my house was burned. I have no word to express how much it was for my family the way you all gave your hand to us. You all will be in our prayers always. Juzakallahu Khairun!

4-12 –2012

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