Friday, December 7, 2012

My Unique Style of Painting

 1:I am mixing both green and blue color to make an alphabet H.

 2:I am using a tooth brush for my painting!

 3:I decided to use two paint brushes together for my painting.

 4:I decided to make my rainbow with blue and green colours.

5:I made so many bubbles with my paint, also a big cloud.

My story: Easel and paint brushes with tempera paint are very popular to our preschool school. We encouraged the children to wear a smock by themselves and roll up their sleeves before they start their art activity. Children know how many children can join together and teachers make sure that everyone will take their turn.  We set the easel up with blue and green colour, regular paint brushes and tooth brushes.  Our goal was to introduce the children to different ways of using art material,  also we wanted them to explore the colour mixing activity.  M was so curious about how both the tooth brush and paint brush work as painting utensils.  He was experimenting with the tooth brush and observed what happened when he drew a line.
R was delighted to use both of the paint brushes together and surprised when he noticed that the paint become dark green when he mixed them together.
I was so amazed when A said,  "Sister Fatima, I am making a two colours rainbow."  Alhamdulillah, how creative our children are!  S was taking long time to make her dot with the paint brushes and I was curious what she was trying to make. I went to her and asked her to tell me about her picture.  She was delighted to answer me - I am making blue bubbles. I asked about the big blue drawing. She answered, "This is my cloud."  

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