Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stocking Up On Ideas

I wonder where the preschooler's emerging interests will take us when our new preschool will open in September?  The possibilities for engaging hands-on experiences are endless.  The learning opportunities are never-ending....

Maybe it will look like some of these experiences that we have had the joy of observing children engaged in, or maybe it will look like something completely different...

The children decided to decorate rocks for the garden

Exploring the life cycle of vegetables

Nothing like a good puppet show with child-made puppets

Exploring shadows and illusions

Exploring gardening

Can we see the difference between salt, sugar and baking soda?

The children were interested in volcanoes, so they built their own
Exploring volcanic eruptions

same material, all different open-ended art creations

Look what I discovered!

Shape it!

Rainbows are beautiful

There is nothing like making your own bread for snack
Making Bread

Science Experiments

Marble Maze

Being the teacher

Beach exploration

The colours of autumn

Building a fort

Working together to build a castle

Exploring solids and liquids.  Which is it?

Ahh, it feels so gooey!

Making a fresh batch of play-dough

Two hands are better than one

Working Together

Exploring creatures

Making discoveries

The joy of autumn leaves!

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