Thursday, January 12, 2012

Different Ways of Learning

For one of the art activities, I put multicolored pompom balls, glue and Popsicle sticks- and also displayed colored pencils, if they wanted to explore more. X is the only child who often ignores the art activity. When he saw that we put pompom balls, he was really excited to join with the other children. He was very careful to spread the glue on his orange paper, then with his two fingers he picked black, orange, black and white balls--whenever he was picking, he was saying the color. I was amazed to observe how the other children were helping him to tell the colors as well. They were improving their fine motor skills, counting the balls, sorting them and being very creative when they were placing the Popsicle stick on their paper. X was so engaged and enthusiastic while gluing all the materials I provided for the children. When X had finished his art, he was looking at it with his beautiful smile and told me, "Sister Fatima-I did it, I will show mummy."  I have seen the enjoyment and passion in X-how happy he was when he had finished his activity. He recieved uninterrupted time and various materials to explore his creativity and expand his skills.  Children always need that support from adults-no matter if it is from their parents or teachers.  Please give that opportunity to our young people to be confidence and secure.

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