Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rainbow Butterfly

 1:Children have been learning about butterflies and their life cycle.

 2:We extended this to the art activity and discussed about the Butterfly's Body parts.

 3:Children were observant and creative while they were designing their Butterfly.

 4:Some children decided they needed to add antenna, so we grabbed pipe cleaners from our art cupboard.

5:One child explained that his Butterfly was so happy because we had a Sunny Day.

Spring is coming soon, Mashaallah, so many Caterpillar were at the outdoor play area .Children were curious about their body parts,what they eat, and how they grow. We created the learning environment where children can investigate,observe, explore, and can get all the answer they were curious about. We started our discussion about who created butterflies and how they help us.  Also, why we need to be kind to the the creation of Allah.

Children were adventures to find what is inside the butterfly body.  How they use their wings, why their wing are too soft. We tried to answered their question by reading a book, showing the video clip about butterfly life cycle, and also we did some movements to show how the butterfly flap their wings-Alhamdulillah  Allah created a beautiful world for us. When we extended it to the art activity, I observed that children were curious and creative when they were decorating their butterfly .They wanted to colour it with various felt pens. They also wanted to glue it with the pipe cleaner and I was amazed when one child asked me to provide glitter for her "Rainbow Butterfly", Subhanallah .

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