Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Animal foot printing art activity

 He picked one animal from the plate and said,"Rain Deer".
 E said ,"I have a small goat -let me see how does it look like?"

 A is wondering with two feet how he can do his art?
A was stamping on the paper and said,"I like orange "

Teacher story.
We have been learning about Creations of Allah .We were sharing stories about Prophet Ibrahim ,"Eid ul Adha "animals we sacrifice,forest animals etc. --Following their interest,I decided to set our art table with tempera paint and some animals. Children were delighted to observe various animals on their art table.They were sharing their ideas about animals, they picked for art-how they help us?What they eat?Where they live?and they we were comparing with each other how does each foot print look like ?

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