Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Parents

Dear Preschool Parents 
Assalamualikum ,

Last week at preschool we spent time continuing to get to know each other, and share about ourselves. Children are learning how to share, take turns, and work together.
We also spent a lot of time painting at the art table with tempura paint, crayon and using glue for their craft, exploring sensory and fine motor skills. The children really are enjoying this exploration.

They are really enjoying their group time with Sister Farzana and Sister Fatima , which we will continue to work on each day after their free play time . Group time is spent talking about stories, and learning new songs, doing finger play with other children and learning to control their bodies with gross motor activities . We are also focusing with the children to greet each other in an Islamic manner (Assalmualikum )and saying Bismillah when they will start to do something .
From this week Sister Fatima will be in the preschool from morning and afternoon session and Sister Farzana will join her in the afternoons.

Gentle reminder for parents to provide earthquake emergency kit for each child .

Please provide healthy snacks and only water for their drinks.

There is a volunteer sign in sheet on the bulletin board Please sign in if you are interested in helping your child’s class with simple things like making playdoo, cutting art paper and general clean up in classroom.

Thank You,
Sr. Fatima

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