Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Found a Pool For My Duck

I found two red horses and three cows- My horses are jumping.

My giraffe is bigger than your animals.

"Oh no crocodile is coming--- we need to save our animal".

I found a pool for my duck!

Children were using their own imagination to use all the farm and wild animals. I was so surprised (and excited) to observe that children grabbed some blocks with various shapes, which were filled with colored water, and they used them as a pool for duck and crocodile.  It was every interesting for me to observe their dramatic interaction between each others. Child A took his crocodile on the floor and pretended that the crocodile wanted to eat all the animals (A was making sounds as if  the crocodile was shouting ) , then F and S were also pretending that they wanted to save the cows -so they were helping the animals to settle on the farm house roof. Some of the children wanted to sort the animals according to their types and also wanted to make the animal sounds. It was an amazing experiencing to observe all the children and their unique style of playing with the farm materials.

Learning outcome from B.C EARLY LEARNING FRAME WORK:

1: Exploration and creativity: When children were using various types of animals and farmhouse, they were using their imagination, all theirs senses and physical movement. They all have their unique style of playing and techniques to use the material and interact with other children.
Each of them were creative and expressed their feeling when they were using the material. For example: S made a pool with the block for her duck and F picked all the cows and horses, and counted how many cows and horses he had!

2: Feel a sense of security , self respect and self regulation: All the children were using their material independently. They were using their own style of playing with their material. Sometimes they were so expressive, and sometime they were very attentive with their solitary play.Teachers are there to provide the environment to ensure that they are safe and secure .

Teachers reflection:
We set up our class room with farm animals, wild animals and a house besides the block area.  This was very popular with the children. Some of the children were also very busy with the train tracks and various types of transportation.

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