Thursday, October 6, 2011

Look I Found a Heart --

Its not grass--cows eat grass only

I have orange and red leaf --so many lines

Look I found a heart

                                                   My cow is sick--I need to give some leaves

Reflection: I collected some maple leaves from my neighborhood--all leaves are aesthetically beautiful-some of them are deep red, some are green and yellow, and some are mixed with various colors and shapes. I thought it was a good idea to add it for my preschool to do their science experiment. The room already has been set with wild and domestic animals--adding fall leaves can make this more interesting for the children. I set the table with maple leaves, magnifying glasses and also with pine cones-so that they have opportunity to compare whether it is soft or hard, smooth or rough texture.

When I invited the children to investigate, I told them where I found the leaves and what the name of the leaves are. They started to share their experience about what they saw when they were outside--One of the child said--I saw lots of yellow leaves--I want to take it --I said you will walk with your mummy, maybe take a basket and collect some leaves .Two children took the magnifying glasses and describing what they have seen.

It was so amazing for me to observe when one child brought a cow on the science table from another corner of the class room, following that child another child also chose a giraffe--They were feeding the animal and sharing their ideas about how to take care of their animals. One suggested how to do the treatment because the cow was sick and the medicine was leaves(We had just read the story "the hungry caterpillar"). All of them were sharing thier thoughts, concern and their imagination about  how does the leaf look like.  Which leaf they really like.

Some simple leaves brought so many new vocabulary words and excitement in our preschool!

1: Exploration and creativity: Our science table was filled with various sizes and colors of maple leaves and with some magnifying glasses.Children brought animal onto the table and it was a social and dramatic experience for me to observe . They were creative and enhanced their imagination with animals and taking care of them. Some of them were thinking that cows need grass not leaves, at the same time another child was thinking the cow is sick --it may eat leaf to be cured .

2: Feel valued for and explore their own strategies for learning:  Children were exploring the material without any interruption. Adults were present there for scaffolding as needed. Sometimes teachers helped children to expand their vocabulary and language skills. Sometimes teachers guided children for their safety. Children were using all the materials and chose their own style to play with it.

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