Friday, October 28, 2011

Sensory Play

1:My boat is going down

2:Ice cream yellow ice cream

3:All water going down.

4:I filled my tray.

Preschool children learn through their five senses. As early childhood educators and parents it is our responsibility to create an environment where they can have ample opportunity to explore with their senses.  Sensory exploration is really important for children's social /emotional development. Children will learn better from their daily hands-on experiences, not just from academic lectures.

 Sensory exploration will give them opportunity to develop their fine motor skills needed for writing -they will learn to balance when they hold something.  Pouring and measuring will give them scientific and mathematics knowledge.  Playing with a group will help them to learn about problem solving and negotiate between each other. When they feel the the texture, smell or hear, they will learn to express their experiences with their verbal language and gesture. 

 These are messy activities and it may take some extra work to clean up,  but these are enjoyable and valuable educational moments for our preschool children. They enjoy playing with the water, sand and with the pine cones and more -so please give them opportunity to explore the world with hands-on activities.

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