Friday, November 4, 2011

Bug Hunting

We have seen so many different types of bugs when we were outside. Some of the children were so excited to watch caterpillars when they were playing with the fall leaves. One child told me that,  "I found a caterpillar." The caterpillar was already on her palm, lying down like a ball. I kindly told the child to put it down gently, so that the caterpillar will not be scared. The child gently put it down. Then I asked all the children-who created all the bugs? They Said-ALLAH. Then I told them that we need to be gentle with all the creations of Allah. All the children were so curious to see what the caterpillar was doing, so we decided to bring our science bug jar to the outdoor area and place the caterpillar in the jar. One of the child said-"caterpillar too hungry, we need to give him food." They collected some leaves and told me to put it inside the jar. Listening to the children, I placed some leaves inside and put the jar on the log to explore the bug. The next day we read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with some colorful felt props.

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  1. Masha Allah, how often do kids actually get permission to play/explore bugs!? One time my daughter came in the house with one hand behind her back... which soon was revealed as her 'pet' a little wood bug from outside. :) we had a discussion outside as we returned the bug to 'his family'. I love that at preschool you had dicussed the bug feeling scared, as this is exactly what we talked about at home. Thank you for giving them such a lovely learning environment. My daughter is often very happy to tell me what she did at preschool. Alhamdoullillah I'm so happy for this Islamic preschool.