Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Bird is Very Hungry

Sensory Exploration

1: My bird need a house- I am making a house ----.2: I make a ducky cake -
3: Oh no -its so messy - I need to clean --sister Fatima
4: I make a chicken cake too

5:My bird is too hungry --

Teacher's comment- We set our sensory table with birds food and some plastic birds-Children were excited to interact with the grains. Each of them have their unique style and use creativity to play with the material.  It was interesting to hear when one child said that she made a duck cake - she was stirring the grains with the metal spoon - patting it and placed all the grain inside the bamboo basket.  Other children wanted to follow her idea-- they all were making duck cakes, chicken cake and bird cake as well.  They were sharing the cake with each other and pretending they were eating the real cake.  Next, insha'allah, we will feed the real birds outside...

Early Learning Framework:

Exploration and Creativity- Develop a sense of wonder for natural environments:  The children's interest in bugs was used to expand their understanding of materials and creatures found in nature.  Building and expanding on their interest in bugs, we have been exploring different types of birds, birds diets and Allah's many wonders found in the natural environment.

Language and Literacies- Develop diverse language abilities and the capacity to communicate with others in many ways: The children had many opportunities for one-to-one and group language interaction, both with a teacher and other children.  The teacher introduced new vocabulary during these interactions and used the props to role model language and creative expression.

Social Responsibility and Diversity- Learn to appreciate diversity:  Children were able to recognize uniqueness in each other's ideas and find value in them.  Different types of birds and seeds were explored, drawing attention to Allah's diverse and wonderful creation.

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