Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Going on a Bug Hunt

We're Going on a Bug Hunt

We’re going on a bug hunt! (echo)
We’re going to catch some big ones. (echo)
What a sunny day. (echo)
Are you ready? OK! (echo)
Subhanallah! A bee! A black and yellow bee. Flying over flowers, BUZZZZ
Subhanallah! A ladybug! A red, spotted ladybug, Crawling through the grass, SHHHHH
Subhanallah! A grasshopper! A big, green grasshopper Hopping around the tree,BOING BOING
Subhanallah! A butterfly! A pretty, orange butterfly, Floating in the sky, WHOOSH, WHOOSH
Subhanallah! A spider! A big black spider, Creeping on ME! CREEP…CREEP… SCREAM

There's a bug on the table!

We see a bug

Ladybug, Ladybug,
Gentle Please 
Can you see the ladybug?
Spider web-  Look for the spider

Searching for spiders

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