Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magnet Treasure

Magnets are one of the most popular activity for our preschool children. They love to do experiments with the magnets. I always display the magnetic sticks with some objects in the science area. I was wondering how this activity can be more interesting for the children. I put various objects, hide them and displayed them in our sensory table. There are scissors, marbles and other metal- and non metal objects as well .We covered them all with Styrofoam and crystal beads. It was interesting to observe that children have their own style of playing with these materials. They were having fun with the Styrofoam when it was sticking on their cloths and hands. One child said-"Its look like a snow." One child was giggling when he had noticed that all the styrofoam was sticking on their body. One girl said,"I am icing on my cupcake."  It was not only their sensory experience, they were communicating each other and sharing their excitements and joy. They were recognizing the colors, shapes and learning about scientific concepts -how magnets attract different object and why styrofoam were sticking on their body. They were playing together, helping each other- making the space for their friend, so that they could also join.

"I can see it looks like a snow."

"I want to cut the snow with my scissors."

"Where is my magnet?"

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