Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Creation of Allah

 We have been learning about the colours and shapes around us.  We were sharing our ideas with each other and  discussing what colours and items we could see around us.  We saw trees, fruit and vegetables-we were discovering what our friends were wearing.

I asked them who created everything for us? Mashaallah,  they answered.  "Allah".  I explained to them about why Allah created everything for us and how it will help us to live in this world.

I added all the healthy food for children's dramatic play area and we were having picnics -during our play we were discussing how all the healthy food helps us to grow and make us a healthy.

I extended this activity to our art area-where I added green and yellow with some plastic fruits and vegetables.
Mashaallah, it was amazing to observe the way the children were using their imagination while they were doing the art.
They wanted to draw, some of them were mixing colours, some of them were taking turn. One of the children was telling us about the farm his grandparents have.
One child drew a sun and he said Allah  made the sun for us -we get light from the sun. Subhaanallah, they are learning many things everyday during play-during art and our everyday communication.

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