Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eid UL Adha

 Children were delighted to draw and decorate their Eid card.

 They were creative and enjoyed drawing with the felt pens.

 They were also  using star shape stickers and coloured  glitter for their Eid cards.

 We have been discussing about details about the Hajj -such as what place we visit for hajj, what is the Kaaba, and what kind of clothing man wear during the Hajj.

 We also shared  a story about Zamzam water, used visuals and books to learn about  how to perform  Hajj, and learned the basics about why we had to sacrifice animals -also, the children were practicing the Labbayek Allahuma Labbayek...

It was a great week for us to learn and share our ideas for Eid .They were sharing about what they will eat and present to their parents.  Most of the the children decided to present lollipops to me for Eid.

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