Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Princess in the Castle

 M said, "I am making a castle."

 "Look at my princess, she have a hat."

 "My princess will live in the castle. Oh no there is a bear inside."

A said,  "I am making a cave."

My Reflection:

 We have been using various types of paper for the children's interactions. They were playing with the paper using their unique styles of play. Some of them wanted to be Batman, while others were pretending to be butterflies. I was amazed to observe M and A when they both were sitting together and concentrating on building something with the paper.  M was carefully putting the paper on the top of the other paper. She was picking shiny paper, then decided to put paper tubes on the coloured construction paper. She was engaged, curious and spending lots of time building her structure.  

She said, "I am making a castle for the princess”. 
A joined with M and he was curiously observing what M was making. 
M said,  "The bear was stuck in the castle and the king closed the door."
M then said “I am making a cave."
A was  also picking paper and paper tubes to make a cave and he decided to use a black colour for the cave .He said that there is no light in the cave. He pointed with his finger and said that the tiger will live inside  the cave . 

It was so surprising for me to observe that A told M that the king should open the door and that the bear also can live in the cave.

1:Feel valued and explore their own strategies for learning :M and A were engage with the paper provocation activity for a long time. Both of them were designing, creating and building their castle and cave using their creativity. I was an observer and a learner. I was pondering about what I can add to extend this activity.
2:Be creative and expressive in a variety of ways:
We provided various types of paper for the children to experiment and explore for the activity. Children were engaged, creative and using their unique style of playing with the paper. They were flying like butterflies, some decided to be  Batman. Some of them were just making balls and throwing them in the air.

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