Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am making a boat.

                                          A said, "My water is green." M said, "My one is blue."

                                               I am making big red boats-too many waves.

                                           H said, "red ship will save your boat!"

                                             My dad found treasure.

Children were excited to share what they were doing with the felt pens and drawing lines.When I showed the photos of their activities they really enjoyed looking at them.  It was amazing to observe their conversation and sharing with each other. They were reminding their peers and recalling information about the activity.
I set up the activity on a large paper for a small group of children. I had a great time observing the way they were interacting with each other.
M was drawing a boat and other girls drew boats as well using different colours. They were talking and helping  each other .M said her dad pressed the green button and he found lots of treasure from the sea. He found it a long time ago .H joined with us while we were sharing the photos-she said a Red ship helped your boat-because sea monster will come soon.

I think this group activity was helping the children communicate and share the experience with each other. They were respectful ,cooperative and enthusiastic while doing this activity I was glad to observe how drawing lines  took the children to a detailed imaginary world!

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