Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seeds Grow

We have been  learning about plants for the past two weeks. It was a huge and interesting  topics to covered with the preschoolers.  I encouraged the children to collect seeds and branches from home and outside while we were walking. We were sharing our thoughts and ideas about seeds and fruit when we were having our morning and afternoon snacks. Planting is a very interesting activity for most of the children.They feel valued and respectful when they have the opportunity to engage with this practical activity. I grabbed some Mung bean from my home and saved some avocado seeds for our science experiments in the classroom. Once I placed them with the magnifying glasses,Alhamdulillah, it was amazing to observe  how excited and curious the children were.They were putting the seeds in the cup with soaked cotton balls, they also buried the seeds inside the pot with soil.  All of them were so excited to pour water into the pot. They were sharing their ideas about what they have in their back yards, what they have seen in the garden, what kind of fruit they love to eat, etc. I asked who created all the plants for us, and they said Allah!

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