Monday, May 26, 2014

I Make an Ice-Cream for Mommy

                                       Most popular activity in my Preschool.
                              Children were delighted and excited to play with the Moon Sands.
              Z was carefully scooping the sand and said,"I want to make something".
                             L said ,"I am  making rice for lunch".
                                        Z was really careful not to drop the sand .
                             She was observing what other children were doing?

 I added some marbles to make this activity more interesting for them .
 Z filled the egg cup with the moon sand and made a ball and shouted--"Teacher look what I have made!"

                               She dropped it accidentally and said ,"Oh no it's broken."
She took a long time to scoop the sand again in the egg cup and when she finished ,she said "I made an ice -cream for my Mommy."

Teachers story :
I found that sensory activities in my preschool are really  interesting and engaging for most of my students.Z was distracted that day- she was moving from one activity to another and  was not engaged with any one activity more than one minute.While other children were engaged at the sensory table, I decided to join them and invited Z with me. She joined with me and started to scoop the sand with the ice cream scoop.She was touching it, pouring it from one cup to another.Sometimes attentively observing what other children were doing and trying to follow their activity. I was so surprised to observe that she went to the science table and grabbed some egg cups from there. She filled it with the moon sand and placed it on the table upside down and shouted ,"Teacher look what I made!"She wanted it on her hand,once I helped her to put it on her hand and then she said "I made an ice cream for my  Mommy".

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  1. Mashallah, i love this activity it is very engaging!