Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First week of our learning at sprouts of Iman Childcare and Preschool

 A was busy to match the Arabic  alphabet and  teacher was sitting beside him and saying Alif - Ba
 He was very curious on how to practice inserting the alphabet in the lace.
 Helping to clean up and organize the shelf Mashallah.Block activity not only helped them to learn shapes but also teaching children problem solving,sharing,enhancing their imagination and creativity ,and developing their social skills while working with other children .
 Group activity hand tracing -to make a connection  with each other,to express their feelings,to share and communicate .
 I found that children were interested with cars and adding this block was more fun for the centre activity.
 Tempera paint and brushes on the easel is the most popular activity for some children, beginning the school year.They explore.touch and experiment with different colors.

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