Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Did You Learn Today ?

When the children are exploring the material and environment, they are continuously learning and making new discoveries. It may look like they are just playing, but this is their 'work'.

When 'A' came to the class she was so delighted to see the wooden shape colorful blocks on the table . She was wondering what she can do with all the colorful pieces. She garbed it from the table, picked one yellow block and said, "I found one yellow block". Teacher 'F' was there -and said, "Yes A, I can see you found a yellow square block. What can you do with that? A replied, "I can make a house".

'T' was delighted to see the different color tempura paint on the easel. She was enjoying her color mixing. Then she wanted to try it on the paper. When she noticed that red and yellow can make pink -she said, "I can make pink with yellow and red!" She was not only mixing the color, she was holding the brush and gently dipping her brush in the paint and being very careful not to drop it on the floor.

Science table: 'M' wanted to see something with his magnifying glass. He took one marble and rock for his experiment. When he saw the reflection on the table from his magnifying glass, he said, "Oh no, I made a ball with my glass!"

Today is my first day -I am missing my mummy. I don't know anyone here! What can I do? Teacher F gave me the brush and all the new paint --I like blue, I want to put blue on my whole paper!

Play: It's The Way Young Children Learn (click to read the article)

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  1. I am so pleased to see the pictures and comments regarding our little ones and their learning experiences.

    I especially like the scientific observations of "Science Table: M"
    More pictures...I never get tired of looking at photos.

    S's mommy.