Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, 
It may not look like much, but my scribbles are very important!  Scribbling is the first step in learning to write, 
and I am developing the muscles I will need to hold a pencil! 
Sometimes a scribble is not just a scribble! 
Your Child

Stages of Art Development:

Stage One:  Manipulative 
Random attempts to manipulate various materials – scribbling, thick sweeps of paint strokes, pounding and squeezing of clay.  Typically seen in children under 4 years, with focus on experiential and tactile. 

Stage Two:  Patterning/Design
Typically develops by age 4, experimentation with beginning to master materials. Children discovering lines, shapes, dots, spaces, and patterns. 

Stage Three:  Naming/Symbolic
Children able to make models or pictures representing things, often with object in mind as they begin the process.

Stage Four:  Representation
Develops around age 5 or 6, with children’s art actually resembling objects represented.  Initially many details missing, with more detail as skill level and motor control develop. 

Open-ended Art:
(Open-ended art is about the experience of creating and exploring the material, not just the end product.)

1.   Provides a means of communication and  
2.   Serves as an emotional release 
3.   Heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity 
4.   Develops and promotes creative thinking 
5.   Develops an appreciation for individuality 
6.   Serves as a balance in classroom activities 
7.   Assists in the development of physical 
8.   Strengthens self-concept and self confidence 
9.   Increases self understanding 
10. Enhances the ability to visualize 
11. Helps develop fine motor skills 
12. Provides opportunities for problem-  
      solving and decision making 
13. Provides insight and assists the adult in  
      understanding the child 
14. Develops self-help skills 
15. Illustrates cause and effect


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