Friday, October 7, 2011

News Letter

Assalmualikum dear parents

Mashaallah, September has gone so quickly and the children have done very well. We were focusing on hand-washing, following the schedule with transitions rhymes and developing the self help skills, for example: How to put on their own jacket and shoes etc. Alhamdulliah, most of the children are doing fine and adjusting well to our classroom routine. It is amazing to observe the children having a lot of enjoyment with us.

 During our group time we introduced books, felt stories, finger plays and various types of movement. Our classroom has science, art, dramatic and math activity as well. Our program is not theme based –we were focusing on children’s interests –based on their interest, we were continuing with the nature (farm/wild animals, fall leaves and various types of art activities.

EID UL ADHA and Hajj is coming Inshallaah –so this coming month they will be learn about Hajj and Eid ul adha. We will still continue the daily life dua (what to say before you eat, etc.) and other activity as well. We have learned and will continue to learn many new things.

Parents- please remember to sign your child in and out every day, it is required by licensing.

October is sure to bring a lot of fun insha’allah, we look forward to an exciting month.

Thank you,



Sprouts of Iman

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  1. MashaAllah! At the beginning of the school year whenever I ask my child what she did at preschool the reply was always nothing. But she would always tell me how much fun she had. Now after I review the blog, I'm able to ask specific questions and she would tell me about the activities. I am sure some parents were wondering if the kids are learning any islamic values at sprout of iman preschool and this article demonstrated that they are learning it. I just want to say thanks for all the work that you are doing and the extra time you put in to blog the kids activities.. JAK