Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thirst Bird

1:Once upon a time there was thirsty bird -looking for water -it was so hot that day and there as no water -suddenly the bird found some water in a bowl -but he could not reach the water --what should the bird do?One child said, "Bird needs to drop a rock??--Teacher shared the story at our group time - The story was all about science and critical thinking skills. "The bird carefully dropped one rock, two rocks"------Children were counting and they saw the water level getting higher- wow, bird was able to reached the water -ALHAMDULILLAH, Allah is Al-Razaaq- The Ever-Providing -The bird said "Bismillah", drank all the water, then said,  "Alhamdulillah"- thanking Allah for giving him the good idea.

Alif, Ba, Ta

X was selling his rock -there is a weight machine-which one is the heavier rock? Pine cone? How much is  the price for a rock ? "I have lots of money, I want to buy all".

S likes drawing -she loves to tell me a story when she draws something. I was commenting, "I can see you drew a circle with your brown crayon. S answered ,"Sister Fatima, This is my friend A -I want to give it to her after school." She worked so hard to finish her art and carefully kept it in her cubby.

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