Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Created this Beautiful World?

In our sensory table we provided various colored, shaped sea fish, sea shell, rock and sea weed to give the concept of what do we see in the Ocean. Children always love to play with the water -we wanted to see them having more fun and learning about science, math and religion with their peers. Some of them were feeling the temparture of the water-some were very dramatic when they found a great big whale with a gray shark in the water table.

X thought little fishy was so hungry, so she gave it some sea weed--MashaAllah. S was carefully collecting all the rocks from the water and counting--1,2,3----.We have been sharing stories about sea shell, fish, etc--We asked them who created this beautiful world for us? They answered, "ALLAH" .Why did ALLAH created fish for us? Most of them were sharing their thoughtful ideas, some said-because we will eat them. Some said to play with them. So E said,  "To make gold fish crackers."

Our goal was to encourage them to engage with social play -they were making space for their peers when another child wanted to join with them, teaching them problem solving skills, negotiation-learn about the creation of ALLAH and increase their communication skills.

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