Thursday, March 1, 2012

Changing the Paper Colour

For the art activity we provided oil pastel, water colors and paint brushes -because we have been doing color mixing with our preschoolers, we thought it will be beneficial if we provided two different colours for their art. At the beginning we just put oil pastel to be creative -They were scribbling, drawing and doing experiments with the medium.  When they finished exploring,  we demonstrated to the children how can we covered the pastel and page with the water colour. Children were very excited to use their brushes with the water color. Some of them were doing experiments with mixing the colour-They carefully observed what happened when they mixed pink and blue together.  Some of them were really enthusiastic to put more water colour on their paper. When they finished their art, they noticed how their paper had changed colour -also we put it on the rack and after a few minutes they noticed how their paper dried--how the colours looked a bit different when dry.

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