Thursday, March 8, 2012


Assalamualikum dear parents 

We were having fun with animal around us –such as farm animal and also about wild animals. Shared stories, rhymes and science activities have also been popular with our preschoolers. The children learned about various shapes and colour concepts from their art and math activities. 

Last few weeks we were practicing SURAH AL-FATIHA AND KALMA TAYYABA.INSHALLAH, children will learn new dua’ this month. As we offer our Duhr Salat together (and practice our Salat in the morning class), please provide hijab for the girls and encourage your child to join with you in prayer at home.

Thank you so much to the parent who donated some beautiful costumes for children’s dramatic play! 

Upcoming Closures 
We will be closed the following days this month: Spring break, March 19th to 23rd 2012.  We will reopen Monday March 26th

Reminder for re-registration and new registration for September 2012, forms are available on line – or you can collect them from the preschool.

Things We Need
We use a lot of things you can find around the house for our preschoolers.  Many of these maybe things that you have and simply throw away- We would love to help you recycle these things.

Old magazines to cut up
Metal Lids from frozen Juice
Old Shoeboxes
Old Socks
Plastic Containers
Plants indoor 
Hijabs–prayer mat etc 

Thank you 

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