Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where Do Plants Come From?

We always display magnifying glasses for children to discover and explore with.  They are used for many explorations- Sometime they want to see what is inside a rock and sometimes use them in the water searching for objects... 

We provided garlic and garlic leaves in the little baby food jars with water. Some children were very curious to smell the garlic clove.  Younger children were eager to peel the garlic skin and older children were searching for what was inside the plant.  We were talking about different parts of the plant, how plants drink and what they need to grow.  We displayed some charts which indicated various parts of the plant and life cycle of plants. 

Spring break will be next week INSHAALLAH--I hope our preschoolers and their families will have opportunities to visit some gardens to explore more about plants and flowers during the break.

We shared lots of plant video, stories, pictures and lessons about who created all these plants for us. We also learned about how we can take care of plants. INSHAALLAH, we will plant together after spring break, so that children can learn more about nature and plant life cycles.

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