Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exploring Sea Shells

 Children were comparing and investigating --big and small shells.
                                                   Some have sharp and spiky backs .
                      There were wondering why some of them have smooth surfaces?
she picked one and said--looks like ice cream cone .
My reflection:
Before winter vacation we have been exploring nature ,bugs ,seasons etc.We also did many activities with natural objects  ,such as -dry leaves, maple leaves, and flowers rock pine cone branches etc .When we started our first week of January ,I was thinking what kind of activities I can plan to encourage them to  involve with a group activity  .
I set up my science table with  varieties of sea shells only and was thinking to ask them what they know about sea life-Creation's of Allah? They were talking about fish ,sea shells ,sea weed ,rocks and dolphins --this is our first science and sensory activies for our first week .Inshallah we will keep posting and more ideas about the creation's of Allah and how children are exploring and learning about them .

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